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    Natural, eco-friendly leather sourced from our friends at Wickett & Craig, a 150-year-old specialty vegetable tannery located in Pennsylvania. The leather in our sheaths is produced through a labor-intensive method that ensures durability and delivers on character. The sheath gets its beautiful, rich black color through a process known as drum dyeing. Afterwards, the leather is packed with nourishing waxes and tallows to encourage a deeper concentration of color. The leather is then custom cut and stitched to fit your Serene Chef’s Knife and ensure blade protection for years to come.

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    Stitching: High-Quality Nylon Source: North American Cattle Tannins: Mimosa and Quebracho trees Color: Drum Dyed Black Country of Production: USA

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One of a Kind
Featuring an East meets West design, the Serene Chef’s Knife combines the best elements from traditional knife silhouettes to elevate the entire cooking experience.
Making Meal Prep Magical
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